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"Judging by all the slammed right-hand drive Integras and Civics these boys work on in their off hours, they know their way around Japanese cars, especially Hondas and Acuras. But they did a nice job on my BMW... at a reasonable price. Fast too."

Kevin S., San Francisco

"I had failed the smog inspection at another station & was told that it would cost $1000 for repairs... my vehicle always passed smog before... this is when I found Acutech Autos in South San Francisco. I brought [in] my vehicle and met Niki the owner, who was [a] very nice & informative person... Now all my smogs will be performed at Acutech Auto."

Rubi C., Daly City

"I brought my car in last Tuesday for a 90K Major service and driver side axel replacement and had my car repaired within about 6 hours. They even washed my car."

Dawn D., San Jose

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Gold Shield Smog Check Station

Gold Shield Smog Check Station
Gold Shield
Smog Station

Licensed Brake Inspection Station
Licencsed Smog
Check Inspections

In California, smog checks and certification are required for most vehicles. Acutech is a licensed smog check and repair station, and has also met higher performance standards to receive California's Gold Shield Certification.

Do I Need A Smog Check?

Did you receive a notice on your registration renewal?
Every two years regular smog checks are required for vehicles registered in California. When a smog check is due, you'll receive a notice on your California registration renewal when it’s required.

Are you selling a car?
If you’re selling a car the seller is responsible for getting a smog check and certificate prior to the sale.

Do you have car from another state?
If you bring a car into California and need to register that car in California a smog check and certification is required.

For more details, visit the California BAR web site.

Schedule your next smog check with Acutech online.

What If My Car Fails?

If your car fails to pass, several options are available. With Acutech’s Gold Shield Certification you may be eligible under the California CAP (Consumer Assistance Program) to get $1,000 towards a new car or up to $500 for repairs

With Acutech’s Gold Shield Certification you may be eligible for up to $500 in emissions-related repairs through California’s CAP (Consumer Assistance Program). Eligible consumers must take their vehicles to Gold Shield repair stations which are authorized to perform repair assistance services.

The Repair Cost Waiver allows a vehicle to be registered without passing its Smog Check inspection. A motorist must spend $450 on emissions-related repairs by a licensed Smog Check technician at a licensed Smog Check station in order to qualify for a Repair Cost Waiver.

The Vehicle Retirement Program is available to motorists who want to voluntarily retire their vehicle rather than repair it. Eligible consumers can receive $1,000 in exchange for their vehicle. Approved vehicles must be driven to one of the state's authorized dismantlers where they are crushed.
For more information about the CAP Program, please contact the Bureau of Automotive Repair, visit http://www.smogcheck.ca.gov.

Finally, the Economic Hardship Extension is an option that allows a vehicle to be registered immediately without passing its Smog Check inspection and gives a vehicle owner up to two years to complete the repairs needed to bring the vehicle into compliance with emissions standards.

Schedule your next smog check online.