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"Judging by all the slammed right-hand drive Integras and Civics these boys work on in their off hours, they know their way around Japanese cars, especially Hondas and Acuras. But they did a nice job on my BMW... at a reasonable price. Fast too."

Kevin S., San Francisco

"I had failed the smog inspection at another station & was told that it would cost $1000 for repairs... my vehicle always passed smog before... this is when I found Acutech Autos in South San Francisco. I brought [in] my vehicle and met Niki the owner, who was [a] very nice & informative person... Now all my smogs will be performed at Acutech Auto."

Rubi C., Daly City

"I brought my car in last Tuesday for a 90K Major service and driver side axel replacement and had my car repaired within about 6 hours. They even washed my car."

Dawn D., San Jose

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Brake & Lamp Inspection

Official Lamp

Official Brake Inspection Station
Official Brake

California drivers who are registering their vehicle need to have a brake and lamp inspection to receive a certificate of compliance that the vehicle is in safe operating condition before the DMV will issue a title to the owner of the vehicle. The brake and lamp inspections and certification must be performed by a repair shop that is certified to perform these inspections.

These are some of the areas that will be inspected on a vehicle requiring a brake and lamp inspection and certification.

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Brake System

  • Brake Shoes and Lining
  • Drums and Rotors
  • The Hydraulic System
  • Hoses
  • Warning Lamps
  • Emergency Brake
  • Vehicle must be able to stop in less than 20 feet at a speed of 25mph

Lamp System

  • Headlamps
  • Tail Lamps
  • Marker Lamps
  • Back up Lamps
  • Brake Lamps
  • License Plate Lamps
  • Turn Signals
  • High Beam Indicator
  • Warning Lamps

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